Gilt dripping, metaphor tripping,

sin and 'em gripping

The sun is bright
Mirroring an acute sadness
That will not disperse
Into the reflective puddles of last nights



an empty wine bottle 

stands in solitude

on a newspaper 

covered table

if the walls could 


they would scream


a picture with a frame

hangs lopsided

from where a body 

was pushed 

a screeching slap

still resonates 

from where a hand 

connected to a face


mixed with perspiration 

hung silently in 

the atmosphere

they were once lovers

let me know

Call me when you fuck but won’t call me your lady, how unethical. -MayDOPEDay

if you fall in love with a beautifully flawed woman
decide if you want to be her partner
or rather her savior.
leave the saving to her.

I don’t want my hands to be strangers to your skin.
I want to learn my way around your body, until I know every inch of you in the dark.
I want my tongue to read the map that directs me to your heart.
I want to taste the difference between your shoulder and your thigh,
and lose myself in the maze of your mind.
I want to make sense of the vague, scattered parts of you,
and pull them back together to make you whole.
I want to dive into the depths of your eyes, and drown in your soul.
I want to know what you’re dreaming from the flickering of your eyelids.
I want to hear my name in the air that leaves your lips with every sigh.
And when you wake, and you need the comfort of my words,
I’ll write you a story, hold you tight, and whisper every line.

giraffevader - I don’t believe that darkness blinds me any more
(via giraffevader)


when I see you
I look to the stars
and count time backwards
thoughts cease to exist
words jumble and disperse
break and scatter
tiny glass chards
on a mirror
of absence and desperation;
screams in my mind
yet escapes as inaudible sentiments
then as if magic
I understand
I gain the courage to
peer into your eyes
inaudible sentiments escape your heart
from the deepest murkiest spaces of self
And stream down your cheeks
invisible streams of emotion
etched in the lines that I
delicately, intimately trace
I understand
that it has always been me
that it has always been you
you are mine
and from the creation of
our timeless beings
I have belonged to you.


the dew sang softly in the morning rays
as the birds took flight
and my heart
did as well
my raindrops fell into you
and created a waterfall-